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Vitalisvägen 8, Fredhäll

Welcome to ALOOK studio, a central located photo studio in Stockholm which offers rental solutions for photographers and other creatives. 

About our rental studio

Our photo studio offers a spacious layout with an industrial charm, and a ceiling height of 4,6m. Well suited for up to medium sized productions.


The space is equipped with a steamer, racks and hangers for the stylist’s needs. A makeup table is provided for the hair and makeup artist. And when it’s time to recharge, our kitchen and dining area is accessible. Coffee and tea included.

ALOOK studio blueprint
Daily Rates and Terms/Conditions
  • Full-Day (up to 10 hours): 5.000 SEK

  • Half-Day (up to 5 hours): 3.500 SEK

  • Overtime: 1.000 SEK/Hour

  • Cancelation: Cancelations within 48 hours before booking will be charged with 100% of the rate.

  • Cleaning: The studio shall be left in its previous condition after production, an additional charge of 1.500 SEK will be added if unfulfilled.

  • VAT: All prices excluding 25% VAT


Included in our rental fee is a limited selection of items, ranging from:


  • 1x Manfrotto light stand with maximum height of 225cm (sturdier)

  • 1x Manfrotto light stand with maximum height of 205cm (sturdier)

  • 1x Manfrotto light stand with maximum height of 245cm (lightweight)

  • 1x Profoto boom arm (250cm)

  • 1x Manfrotto mini boom arm (200cm)

  • 1x Manfrotto extension, appliable on the sturdier Manfrotto stands (80cm)

  • 4x SP Tech stands (250cm)

  • 2x Profoto light stands (210cm)

  • 1x Szabad column stand

  • 3x Mobile tables

  • 4x Table trestles with including table tops

  • A variety clamps

  • 2x Sand bags

  • 1x Counter weight

  • 2x Mobile walls black/white (140x280cm)

  • 1x EIZO ColorEdge CS2420 monitor


Rentable items and their daily rates:

  • 4x Profoto D1 (500W) - 500SEK/ea

  • 1x Profoto Air Remote - 250SEK

  • 2x Profoto softbox 1x4 - 250SEK/ea

  • 1x Profoto softbox 3x4 - 250SEK

  • 1x Profoto softbox 2x3 - 250SEK

  • 1x Profoto GridSmall - 250 SEK

  • 1x Profoto Beauty Dish White - 250 SEK

  • 1x Profoto Umbrella White XL - 250 SEK

  • 1x Profoto Umbrella Silver M - 250 SEK

  • 2x Profoto Umbrella White S - 250 SEK/ea

  • 1x Profoto Umbrella Transp. S - 250 SEK

  • VAT: All prices excluding 25% VAT

Unique Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops
Enhance your creative vision by renting our hand-painted canvas backdrops. Choose from a variety of artistic backgrounds to add a unique touch to your photos. 
  • Canvas backdrops: 1.500 SEK/day

  • Vinyl backdrops: 500 SEK/day

  • VAT: All prices excluding 25% VAT

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 17.28.45.png
How to Find Us?

Vitalisvägen 8, Kristineberg.

  • Metro Access: We're conveniently located a 5-minute walk from the Kristineberg metro station. Simply hop off the train by taking the green line to Kristineberg, and you're practically at our doorstep.

  • Parking: For those arriving by car, ALOOK studio offers the convenience of two parking spaces for our guests. No need to stress about finding a spot – just let us us know beforehand if you'll bring cars.

To book and check availability of our photo studio reach out to:
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