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Fanny Holmquist and Jakob Sandell, the founders of Alook Studio.


Do you need visual content for your business? Do you want to build up an image that speaks for the true essence, the core of your work?

We are ALOOK studio, a Stockholm based creative studio that offer a broad range of visual solutions for photography productions, with a keen eye on your identity. Our main focus is e-commerce, fashion and commercial photography, as well as post production.


The two photographers who are pulling the strings of this project are Fanny Holmquist and Jakob Sandell. During our education we found a strong shared interest in fashion and photography. With further experience through separate careers in fashion photography we've made the decision to join forces.

To see our portfolio, please go ahead and watch our selected work here.

/Fanny & Jakob


For any inquiries or questions please reach us here:

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